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Questions You May Have About Worship

What happens in a church service?

The worship service is a relational dialogue between God and his worshippers.  Expect to find men, women and children who expect God to be present and acting.  A typical service includes singing, prayer, confession, the reading and teaching of Scripture, an offering and creed, and the Lord's Supper.

Is Grace's worship liturgical?

At Grace we follow the historic  Chrisian liturgy that leads us through the entire gospel message.  The consistency of the liturgy is balanced by a freshness and relevance as we seek to engage the issues and questions of our day, encourage active participation by the congregation, and sing an ecclectic mix of hymns and songs set to traditional, folk, gospel and contemporary music styles.

Do I have to sing?

The goal of worship is fully-engaged, heart-felt participation, which includes singing God's praises.  That said, worship is a unique and learned activity.  We want you to participate at the level in which you are most comfortable and most yourself.  If you are not ready to sing, pray, etc. please don't, and know that you will not stand out in any way.

Are my kids welcome in the service?

Yes.  Your children are welcome to stay with you in the service for its entirety, but know that we have excellent nursery and Sunday School options for children of all ages.  Visit our Gracekids page for further details.

Who will I meet?

We are gathered from various Marin communities, from numerous backgrounds, stages and ages of life.  We have backgrounds in the Roman Catholic church, independent churches, and everything in between (including no church at all).  We are students, bankers, stay-at-home mothers, builders, engineers, artists, etc.  In other words, you will find someone like you here, and someone very different as well.  Most importantly, you will find warmth and welcome.

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you will be most comfortable in.  Suits are fine, but less common.  Shorts are fine, but less common.  A dress, jeans, pants, etc. is the customary attire, but we mean it when we say: wear what you will be comfortable in, so long as you come!

What if I am late?

Be sensitive to those around you as you find a seat, but come when you can, even if you are late.