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Our Commitments

We've placed our three primary commitments in our name lest we ever lose sight of them.


Grace is undeserved favor from an unobligated giver.

God is the giver, the gift is nothing less than God himself in the person of Jesus through the power of his Spirit, and the undeserving recipient is each and every one of us. Grace is shorthand for the gospel, the good news that God's ancient promises of rescue and renewal has come true in the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ.

Grace is the air we breathe as a congregation, posturing us with humble, genuine welcome as we remember that each and all are at the same time undeserving of God's favor and deeply valued and valuable to him and thus to us. It also postures us with humble, genuine confidence, believing that when understood and practiced in biblical fullness the gospel can bring healing and maturity to anyone, any family, and any community.


We are a church, nothing more and nothing less.

We are one local embodiment of God's family, those he has graciously gathered together as men, women and children united to Christ and to one another through faith and baptism. God has committed himself to the church as his representatives on earth: blessed to be a blessing. Thus our commitment to church is not mere self-flattery but rather a reception of grace. This value in action looks like:

    We celebrate our common bond in Christ with Christians throughout time and across the continents by wholeheartedly affirming the historic Apostle's and Nicean creeds, worshiping according to historic liturgical forms, and seeking local unity across denominations as much and often as possible.
  • God is present in the church, not because of any power or goodness of its own.
    Instead, God is present in the church to demonstrate that he is the God of all grace. 

    —Lesslie Newbigin

    Our life together in action is centered around the celebration of the God who has lavished his grace upon us by bringing us into fellowship with him through Jesus. We gather formally on Sundays to celebrate God and renew our lives in his Gospel story through singing, prayer, the exposition of Scripture, and Communion.
    The Christian life is one lived together in relationships of mutual love, encouragement, support and enjoyment. Thus we are intentional in creating structures in which relationships can be fostered and space in which they can flourish.
    As grace takes root in our lives and common life, we believe God transforms us into more and more authentic image-bearers of Jesus. This growth toward maturity takes time and God's Spirit. In action it looks like cultivating the habits of mind, heart and action that will bear the fruit of Christian character (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, self-control). Those habits center on Word, sacraments and prayer.


God created his world, Marin included, to thrive and flourish.

beachHe grieves its lack, and has begun his renewal work in the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. We seek to love Marin according to God's love. Thus we will equip Christians to use their gifts as lawyers, software developers, construction workers, students, artists, fund managers, teachers, small-business owners, and stay-at-home parents to work God’s peace into all their spheres of life. We will partner and co-labor with ministries and non-profits seeking the welfare of our cities. And we will do it distinctively as Christians, speaking of the hope we have for Marin in and through the good news of Jesus as her true and gracious authority.